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The Scapa Customer Care team provides exceptional levels of personal service and support to customers around the globe. Our multi-lingual, internationally-based teams understand the cultures and service expectations of different customers. They also have unrivalled businesses knowledge and are individually assigned to customers by our team coordinators according to their specific area of expertise. 

The First Point Of Contact For Any Requirement, Their Services Include:

Entering and expediting orders

Processing of all incoming orders and ensuring correctness of all relevant details.

Fulfilling sample and information requests

Placement of sample orders and providing other relevant information to facilitate customer purchasing decisions.

Confirming pricing

Confirmation of existing prices through SAP and working with Sales and Product Management teams for special requests. 

Channeling new sales enquiries

Collaboration with Sales Managers to establish the best path to serve new customers either directly or via our distribution partners.

Providing product shipping information

Answering shipping related questions and tracking orders through relevant manufacturing sites.

Addressing questions and concerns

Handling complaints and enquiries in collaboration with Sales, Product Management and Quality teams.