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Our worldwide service teams and supply chain partners help Scapa source the specific raw materials and components our global customers require for their innovative industrial adhesive tape products.

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Scapa has a global footprint, with multiple production sites in Asia, Europe and North America, to address large and small customer needs across all of the industrial tape/adhesives markets we service.

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15 Nov, 2015

Scapa Renfrew Site Manufacturing Capacity and Capability Upgrades

A significant financial investment was recently made by Scapa Group at its Renfrew, Ontario, Canada site to improve manufacturing capacity and its long term ability to respond to fluctuations in product demand. This project entailed a significant upgrade of equipment related to the calendar, polyethylene extruder and ancillary equipment used in the manufacture of polyethylene (PE) tapes. Additional emphasis was placed on the review of manufacturing and equipment safety to ensure that production processes were modernized and incorporate the latest health and safety controls.

As a result of this upgrade project, the Renfrew site has significantly improved its production capacity. This allows Scapa to focus on medium to long-term growth to support its valued partner in the development of new opportunities in the industrial, retail and athletics markets where uninterrupted professional technical support and supply chain responsiveness is required.

The Scapa Renfrew site remains unique in its ability to control all the processes involved in the production of polyethylene tapes including in-house polyethylene extrusion, specialist adhesive coating technology and the latest converting and packaging expertise. This unique combination of production and development capabilities positions Scapa as a global ‘Center of Excellence’ in the manufacture of PE tapes while further enhancing its reputation for unrivalled manufacturing expertise in the polyethylene tapes arena.

Scapa Polyflex tapes are widely recognized as the premier polyethylene tape solution in the Agricultural, Asbestos/Abatement, Automotive, Construction, Marine, Stucco and General Industrial markets.

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