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Polyethylene Tape, PE Tape

Polyethylene Tape, PE Tape

Scapa is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Polyethylene (PE) Tape, and the Polyflex branded range is a market leader in North America. The benefits and performance of polyethylene tape surpassing cloth duct tape in a wide range of applications. Scapa's portfolio of different polyethylene tapes are used in demanding applications from agriculture to shipbuilding across the globe. Our products are proudly made in our Renfrew, ON Canada and Valence, France manufacturing facilities. Scapa offers:

They can also be called: Polyflex, all weather tape, poly tape, preservation tape, film tape, UV tape, barricade tape, protection tape, stucco tape, flatback tape, layflat tape, 30-day tape, made in Canada tape, "MIC" tape and removable tape. 

What is Polyethylene Tape, PE Tape?

Polyethylene (PE) tapes are a highly effective alternative to cloth tapes, particularly in harsh conditions and low temperature environments, providing a high-performance solution for end users. These are specialist adhesive tapes that are able to combine a multitude of performance characteristics including abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion (particularly to PE film), good strength and reliable bonding to a wide range of surfaces and substrates. In addition, many PE tapes offer clean peel and additional characteristics such as UV performance.

Applications for Polyethylene Tape, PE Tape

Polyethylene (PE) tape is used extensively for a full range of multi-purpose, industrial assembly applications ranging from general masking to heavy duty surface protection. PE tapes are also widely used for barrier containment, lane marking, and social distancing per global COVID-19 public health directives. In addition, Scapa's specialist range includes the new Polyflex Plus PE tapes with fire retardancy and UV performance for more specialist applications. Examples of applications where Scapa's PE tapes are used include:

Markets for Polyethylene Tape, PE Tape

Polyethylene (PE) tape is used in a variety of sub-markets where the strength and flexibility of this range can be used in exacting applications across key markets, including:

Product Benefits of Polyethylene Tape, PE Tape

Polyethylene (PE) tape offers a smooth, low stretch, easy to tear design and is the optimal alternative to traditional cloth tape materials, particularly in harsh conditions and low temperature environments. Polyethylene tape offers a combination of strength, conformability and excellent adhesion to a wide range of rough and smooth surfaces. Specific product features and benefits include:

• A range of low tack or aggressive adhesive for superior bonding and heavy duty surface protection
• Ideal for external environments such as construction sites and other high UV exposure applications
• Immediate and long term adhesion to a wide range of surfaces and substrates, particularly PE sheeting
• Premium rubber based adhesive formulation allows clean peel of tape without messy adhesive residue, even after extended periods
• Creates a water tight seal and provides humidity resistance in all weather and climate conditions 
• Excellent tensile strength and product flexibility for rough surfaces, awkward shaped objects and angles
• Available in a wide range of color options
• Custom packaging available

Polyethylene Tape / PE Tape Technical Information

Polyethylene (PE) Tape from Scapa comes in a range of different thickness and with a variety of performance characteristics. Different products are available in specific widths, lengths and packaging types, as well as in roll or log format.

Why Choose Scapa for Polyethylene Tape / PE Tape?

Scapa Industrial is a global manufacturer and supplier of polyethylene (PE) tape with vast experience and product expertise. Scapa understands its markets, utilises quality standards and excels at product development. In addition, with unrivalled technical capabilities including in house extrusion of polyethylene as well as formulation of our own synthetic rubber adhesives, the Polyflex range of PE tapes is the market leader for breadth of range, quality consistency and application performance.

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