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Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape

Scapa is one of the few leading tape manufacturers able to produce and supply a full range of cloth tapes, from uncoated cloth, specialist waterproof duct and gaffer tapes and acrylic coated premium finish products. This allows Scapa to offer an extensive range of cloth tapes for both commodity, premium and technical applications across a wide range of market sectors. Scapa cloth tapes are specified with confidence in the automotive, nuclear, military, shipbuilding and construction sectors. Our cloth tapes are proudly manufactured in the UK and Canada at our Ashton, UK and Renfrew, ON, Canada manufacturing sites.

Scapa offers a wide range of different types of cloth tape including:

They can also be called: vinyl coated cloth tape, friction tape, duct tape, waterproof cloth tape, glass cloth tape, cotton cloth tape, rayon cloth tape, gaffer, film and theatre tape

What is Cloth Tape?

Cloth Tape is an adhesive tape made from a range of adhesives combined with specific cloth based substrates such as polyester, glass cloth, cotton or rayon, with each range offering unique benefits and performance levels suitable for a range of differing applications and markets. 

Scapa is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cloth, duct and gaffer tapes, offering one of the widest ranges of adhesive tape ranges based on cloth based substrates.  Available in waterproof coated and uncoated versions, each with their own distinct properties, the Scapa range includes both single and double sided tapes for an even wider set of performance characteristics.

Applications for Cloth Tape

Cloth tapes are one of the most versatile ranges of adhesive tapes available with a broad spectrum of products ranging from the basic economy duct tape to premium and specialist performance products which all fulfill very distinct and demanding applications.

The Scapa range is backed up with an enviable reputation of quality in the market place and our comprehensive range of products provides customers with the ability to offer solutions for an even fuller scope of application demands. Coated cloth duct tapes are also widely used for barrier containment, lane marking, and social distancing per global COVID-19 public health directives. Examples of applications where Scapa's cloth tapes are used include:

Markets for Cloth Tape

The versatility exhibited by the Scapa cloth tape portfolio provides numerous solutions for almost every industry. These range from basic general-purpose applications to more specialised, demanding jobs for the most common and unusual applications. Cloth tapes are one of the most adaptable product ranges available for the following markets:

Product Benefits of Cloth Tape

The Scapa cloth tape portfolio includes many products with district characteristics such as low temperature performance, fire retardancy, high quality smooth finish and clean peel to meet exacting standards including M1, FAR 25.852, DEF STAN 81-145 etc., as well as meeting the standard expectations of users for ease to use and application. Some of the features and benefits of using Scapa cloth tapes are:

Good abrasion resistance
Flexibility and conformability
High tack and adhesion
Easy tear by hand
High strength and robust
Good unwind by hand for ease of use
Wide colour range availability

Cloth Tape Technical Information

Cloth tape from Scapa comes in a wide variety of different materials, widths, lengths and thicknesses. 

Why Choose Scapa for Cloth Tape?

Scapa Industrial is a global manufacturer and supplier of cloth tape, with vast experience and product expertise. Scapa utilises quality standards and excels at product development. As one of the largest manufacturers of cloth tape in Europe, Scapa understands this product category and its cloth tapes are specified and used globally across a range of markets.

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