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The military and defence markets require a wide range of specialist and standard adhesive tapes and films for safety-critical and assembly needs. Our range includes premium products that are manufactured to meet stringent military specifications and performance requirements, including flame retardancy, low chlorine and halogen content, high adhesion and temperature and abrasion resistance.

In addition to supporting the military, naval industry and forces on the ground with our renowned sniper tape, we’re regularly the supplier of choice for long-term military contracts.

Applications Include:

Contamination Control

Contamination control in high tech weapons manufacturing and research facilities.

Fire and Corrosion Management

Protection against the impact of fire and corrosion in sensitive environments.

Electrical Insulation

General electrical insulation and identification of wires and cables.

Identification and Repair

Marking and repair of equipment and areas for easy identification and safeguard against hazards.

Protection and Masking

Masking and protection of parts and equipment during construction and maintenance.

Sealing and Bonding

General purpose sealing and bonding of parts and equipment.