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Consumers want reliable domestic appliances that will withstand the rigours of a busy household. Appliance manufacturers need to make products that are cost-effective and reliable. To address these challenges, it’s vital that high quality components are used in the manufacturing processes.

We can provide white goods manufacturers with a range of tapes and adhesives that can be incorporated in manufacturing processes. They can reduce the use of fasteners and hardware and achieve a sleeker design, appearance and functionality. Our products also ensure that your appliances are delivered to customers in pristine condition.

Applications Include:

Bonding Internal and External Components

Bonding fascias and components onto white goods.

Decorative Trim and Logo Mounting

Bonding trim, logo and accessories onto many types of substrates.

Display and Electronics Assemblies

Component bonding, electrolytic corrosion prevention and EMI / RFI shielding.

Powder and Thermal Spray Coating

High temperature resistant masking for powder coating applications.

Surface Protection

Prevents damage from dirt and debris to hard surfaces in manufacture and shipment.

Vibration Damping

Reduction of noise and the effects of vibration in white goods and appliances.

Insulation and Protection

Internal insulation and surface protection for appliance manufacturing and shipping.

Securing Components

Permament and temporary attachment, splicing and mounting of appliance components.

Thermal Management

Heat dissipation and thermal spreading in limited spaces.

Wire Identification and Harnessing

Containment and protection of wire harness assemblies.