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Plate Mounting Tape

Plate Mounting Tape

Scapa is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plate mounting tape. Our products are proudly made in our Ghislarengo, Italy manufacturing facility. Scapa offers:

They can also be called: Exafit HP, Hardmount, soft plate mounting tape, medium plate mounting tape, hard plate mounting tape, uPVC adhesive tape and cloth adhesive tape.

What is Plate Mounting Tape?

Plate mounting tape is designed for high-speed flexography and general printing. Scapa's range is composed of Exafit® High Performance (HP) and are based on a new generation of cross linked compressible PE foam, double sided filmic and cloth to meet the most stringent demands of the flexographic industry.

Applications for Plate Mounting Tape

Plate mounting tape is used for flexographic printing plate mounting applications, improving printing quality, speed and efficiency. It is mainly used to mount printing plates onto sleeves and cylinders. Examples of applications were Scapa's plate mounting tape are used include:


Markets for Plate Mounting Tape

Plate mounting tapes are used widely across the printing and graphics industry, including

Product Benefits of Plate Mounting Tape

Plate mounting tape achieves superior printing results even at higher machine speeds and during longer print runs. Some of the features and benefits of using Scapa plate mounting tape are: 

Different colours help to quickly identify foam hardness
Specific embossed plastic liner reduces the risk of air entrapment, allowing for bubble-free mounting of the plate
The compressible structure of the foam enhances print quality by absorbing any tolerances caused by the irregularities of the print cylinder
Reduces machine vibration
The compressible structure allows even longer and faster print runs with consistently high print definition and reducing the dot gain at elevated machine speeds
Specific acrylic adhesive on both sides provide a secure bond, combined with clean removability from the cylinder and plate
Different levels of product hardness from soft to hard foam to properly match printing requirements

Plate Mounting Tape Technical Information

Plate mounting tape from Scapa comes in a variety of different materials, widths, lengths and thicknesses

Exafit® HP is based on compressible PE closed cell coated on both sides with a specialty acrylic adhesive. The product is supplied with a transparent smooth siliconised embossed PP release liner
Double sided filmic tape is based on 100µm PVC carrier coated on both sides with a solvent rubber based adhesive with a white siliconized paper release liner
Double sided cloth is based on a woven cotton cloth coated on both sides with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive. The product is supplied on an easy-release natural kraft paper liner
Standard widths are: 310mm, 455mm and 1380mm
Standard lengths are: 25m and 33m
Scapa offers tape accessories such as a tape mounting tool and plate mounting roller to facilitate all mounting operations and guarantee perfect bonding

Why Choose Scapa for Plate Mounting Tape?

Scapa Industrial is a global manufacturer and supplier of plate mounting tape, with vast experience and product expertise. Scapa understands its markets, utilises quality standards and excels at product development.

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