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Detailed graphics with deeper layering of colours improve brand recognition. Scapa’s surface protection tapes enable you to create these premium graphics from different types of board printing, while protecting your surfaces during these intensive high temperature processes. Our unique adhesive formula is silicone free and can be removed without residue, increasing production speeds and leaving the surface clean and ready to go.

Applications Include:

Carpet Masking

Protection of carpets from dirt, debris and stains during installation and construction.

Hard Floor Protection

Prevention of damage from dirt and debris on hard flooring in manufacturing and construction environments.

Light Diffusers

Prevention of damage from dirt and debris on light diffuser surfaces during construction and renovation. 

Countertop Protection

Prevention of damage from dirt and debris to countertops during manufacture, shipment and construction.

Laminate Protection

Protection of smooth and rough surfaces against adhesive, chemical and mechanical damage.

Outdoor Protection

Temporary outdoor protection of metal, plastic and wood panels during fabrication, storage and transportation.

Profile Protection

Temporary protection of metal, plastic and wood profile frames during storage and transportation.