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Insulation, vapour seal and metal building installations demand quick stick and long-term adhesion solutions.

Our industry-leading portfolio of pressure-sensitive acrylic and rubber-based adhesive systems are designed to offer exceptional performance.

Scapa’s insulation tapes offer excellent ageing and weathering properties and can be used in a wide range of low temperature and high heat and humidity conditions. They’re also easy for installers to apply as they conform to angles, curves and uneven surfaces.

Applications Include:

Contamination Control

Contamination control and debris containment applications in construction, remediation and restoration environments.

Flashing and House Wrap

Vapour sealing and permanent closure of interior and exterior house wrap systems for insulation and energy efficiency.

Roofing, Cladding and Façade Sealing

Insulation, moisture sealing and gap filling in roofing panel systems.

Surface Protection

Prevents damage from dirt and debris to carpets and hard surfaces.

Stucco and Heavy Duty Masking

Specialist heavy-duty polyethylene (PE) and PVC film tapes for high performance, UV resistant, temporary stucco masking applications.

Vapour Barrier Solutions

Joining and sealing of vapour and rain barrier films.