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Scapa Group is a leading global manufacturer of bonding solutions and adhesive components for applications in the Healthcare and Industrial markets. 

At Scapa, we base our approach on a deep understanding of our core markets. This understanding allows us to anticipate tomorrow’s customer needs and to enable our customers to succeed in dynamic markets. We operate a truly worldwide service with production sites in Europe, North America and Asia and supply chain capabilities that place us in an excellent position to partner with global customers. With a focus on sustainable growth and innovation, our aim is to apply our knowledge and expertise in advanced material technology and processes, so we can create better solutions for all of our customers.

Scapa Industrial is a division of Scapa Group, supplying a diverse range of market segments throughout Europe, North and South America and Asia. Our Engineered Products business provides solutions for global customers in the Automotive, Cable, Electronics and Specialty Products markets. In these sectors, demand is driven by approvals, specifications, localization and technical solutions. Our Commercial Products business includes the Construction, Consumer and Specialty Products segments, all market environments with shorter lead times within a demand-driven supply chain. 

Whatever our area of market expertise, we continually adapt to address the evolving nature and complexity of the supply chains in which we operate.