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As the design, functionality, performance and construction of televisions evolves, manufacturers are looking for increasingly specialised adhesive systems. Our adhesives, technical tape products and modules can be custom-designed to each television. Bespoke solutions that can help to differentiate your products and achieve your design and manufacturing goals. From ultra-slim television design to ultra-modern viewing concepts, we can manufacture and deliver whatever you need, in a style that suits you and your customers.

Applications Include:

Adhesives for Touchscreen and Display

High product precison foam for touchpad assemblies.

Contamination Control

Contamination control products for television manufacturing and assembly facilities.

Component fixing

Mounting labels, graphics and decals to components. 

Display shock absorption and gasket bonding

Gasket bonding, shock absorption and cushioning in LCD assemblies. 

EMC and EMI Bonding Solutions

Low resistivity electrical grounding and shielding. 

Light blocking products

Precision masking and bonding applications.

Mesh, Foil and Film Bonding

Bonding layers together while offering reworkability during assembly processes.

Thermal Management

Heat dissipation and thermal spreading in limited spaces.