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Our cable wrapping tapes, yarns and components are used for all kinds of cable types, environments and projects. From water blocking fibre optic cables in North America, through oilfield umbilicals in the Gulf of Mexico, to the world longest subsea power connection at NorNed between Norway and the Netherlands.

Scapa has been supplying cable wrapping tapes for the energy cable industry for over 100 years. Our solutions are used by the world’s manufacturers of underground, submarine power transmission and distribution cables. We also have tapes and material protecting special cables for applications in many different industrial sectors, as well as medium and low voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure industries.

Thanks to tailor-made research and development, you can rely on our solutions to help meet the increasing demand for energy security and transmission reliability that is placed on cables used in a wide range of challenging applications.

Applications Include:

Fire Retardant Cables

A specially developed range of high performance fire retardant tapes for data and power applications.

HV and EHV Subsea Cables

Specialised marine water blocking and semi conducting tapes and yarns for high voltage cables.

HV / MV Cables

Semi-conducting, insulating and specialist water blocking tapes for bedding, binding and separating in power cables.

LV / MV Cable

A comprehensive range of semi-conducting, insulating, water blocking and jointing tapes and materials for use in low and medium voltage cable applications.

Mining Cables

Water blocking, semi-conducting and insulating tapes for mining cables.

Railway Cables

Water blocking, semi-conducting, insulating and anti rodent tapes for railway cables applications.

Shipboard Cables

Water blocking, semi-conducting and insulating tapes for shipboard cables.

Speciality Cables

A wide portfolio of tapes and yarns as well as bespoke materials for use in a wide range of speciality cables.