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Tissue Tape

Tissue Tape

Scapa is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tissue tape. Our products are proudly made in our Valence, France manufacturing facility. Scapa offers:

It is also called double coated pressure sensitive adhesive tape. 

What is Tissue Tape?

Double sided tissue tapes are made from non-woven-tissue paper coated on both sides with acrylic or rubber adhesive and laminated with release paper. 

Applications for Tissue Tape

Double sided tissue tapes are lightweight tissues coated with adhesive. Similar to double sided paper products, double sided tissue tape provides conformability and more stability than some adhesive transfer tapes. Double sided tissue tape is recommended for mounting light objects and may be used to laminate and fix foams, felts, papers, plastics, foils and textiles. Examples of applications where Scapa's tissue tape is used include:


Markets for Tissue Tape

Tissue tape is used for many industrial manufacturing applications including electronics, automotive, flexographic printing and general specialty and assembly markets. Markets for tissue tape include:

Product Benefits of Tissue Tape

Tissue tape offers a wide variety of initial grab and high tack adhesion benefits for industrial manufacturing and assembly. Specific product features and benefits include:

Easily tearable by hand
Good long term ageing
Good UV resistance
High initial grab and tack
Good mid-range temperature performance
Thin bonding solution
Versatile adhesive formulation for immediate bond to almost any substrate

Tissue Tape Technical Information

Tissue tape from Scapa comes in different widths, lengths and thicknesses. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Why Choose Scapa for Tissue Tape?

Scapa Industrial is a global manufacturer and supplier of tissue tape, with vast experience and product expertise. Scapa understands its markets, utilises quality standards and excels at product development.

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