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Under the Scapa, CoverGard™ and TRIM TACK® brands, our automotive assembly products feature technically innovative materials and high performance adhesive systems to ensure complete compliance with OEM specifications and engineering requirements.

Applications Include:

Assembling headlamps

Fixing and sealing headlamp assemblies during automobile manufacture.

Assembling Internal and External Mirrors

Rear view mirror fixing and mounting external heating foils, mounting plates and mirror glass.

Fixing and Sealing Console and Dashboard Trim

Noise and vibration reduction.

Fixing Body Side Moulding

Bonding, mounting and sealing body side automotive moulding.

Fixing and Spacing Outer Panels Onto Framework

Eliminates noise and vibration by fixing and filling space between frames, panels and trim work. 

Fixing Decorative and Functional Trim

Bonding and mounting tread plates, tailgates, roof trims, cladding and other chrome accessories. 

Fixing Emblems and Nameplates

Bonding and sealing emblems and nameplates.

Fixing Wiring Harness Onto Headliners

Securing wire harness assemblies on automotive ceilings.

Sealing and Cushioning License Plates

Vibration absorption for front and rear license plate mounting.

Sealing Decorative and Functional Trim

Sealing tread plates, tailgates, roof trims, cladding and other chrome accessories. 

Surface Protection

Scapa CoverGard™ and TRIM TACK® products protect interior and exterior components and carpet surfaces during vehicle manufacture and shipment.

Weather Stripping

Bonding water, draught and dust seals.