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Scapa has made a significant investment in our world-class global research and development facilities. These facilities, along with our focus on continuous development, means that all our solutions are tried and tested on a pilot scale. Our products are then manufactured in specialist centres of excellence, dedicated to developing superior solutions of unrivalled quality.

Each year, our pioneering approach brings even more new product initiatives, new patents and new products: the outcome of the many imaginative solutions that Scapa creates on behalf of our customers.

With customer and market understanding as our guiding principles, we’re committed to a partnership approach to research and development for the benefit of all our customers.

Our Services

Strategic partner relationships

We work closely with the world's leading adhesive, raw material and equipment suppliers to develop the best product solutions for our customers. 

Research and development sites in Asia, Europe and North America

Our products are manufactured in specialised centres of excellence throughout the world, dedicated to developing ranges of unrivalled quality.

Proven track record at commercialising R&D projects

Trust Scapa to bring your project from concept to reality through our expertise in product design and manufacturing. 

Global links with universities and key opinion leaders

We collaborate with a global network of researchers and industry experts to develop, and further innovate, products that meet our customer's evolving requirements.

Strong innovation pipeline

Through in-house product development, manufacturing expertise and outsourcing partnerships, we are constantly innovating our portfolio to provide the best solutions to market. 

Experience and expertise in regulatory compliance

We offer full-service regulatory services and work closely with our customers from submission and clearance, to post-market surveillance.