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We can provide a host of adhesive solutions for the shipbuilding and marine markets, including market-leading polyethylene (PE) film tapes, specialist cloth tapes and self-amalgamating tapes. Whether you need exceptional performance that’s specification or application led, our extensive portfolio covers identification, sealing and splicing, protection, wrapping and cocooning applications.

From approved FR cloth tapes used in the manufacture of giant ocean liners to UV protective PE films for yacht and boat storage and protection, Scapa has the right adhesive solution.

Applications Include:

Contamination Control

Critical area contamination control and debris containment in shipbuilding and marine manufacturing and assembly environments.

Identification and Repair

Marking and repair of equipment and areas for easy identification and safeguard against hazards.

Protection and Masking

Masking and protection of valuable parts and sensitive areas during construction and maintenance.

Fire and Corrosion Management

Protection against fire hazards and the corrosive impact on parts and equipment.

Noise and Vibration Dampening

Reduction of noise and the effects of vibration in boats and vessels.

Sealing and Bonding

General purpose sealing and bonding of parts and equipment in shipbuilding.

Surface Protection

Prevents damage from dirt and debris to carpets and hard surfaces.