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Working in partnership with smart card market leaders since 1996, we provide hi-tech adhesive solutions for all bonding and assembly needs. In fact, more than two billion cards a year already use our films for module embedding, satisfying the increasing demand for secured data.

For smart card and identification applications, we’ve developed highly specialised films for secured devices used in the telecoms, financial services, healthcare, government and transportation sectors.

Scapa’s precise technology, application knowledge and customised solutions deliver the product features and exceptional performance you need for high speed data and superior processing capabilities. Our adhesive tape technology is the most flexible, clean and easy solution for manufacturing processes. For module embedding, it also guarantees card quality and long term resistance, thereby reinforcing smart card security.

Our Thermofilm® range of films is approved for contact, contactless, dual interface and multifunctional cards, as well as for passport assembly and inlay insertion in E-passports. Acclaimed for its versatile bonding properties, the range offers consistent quality and performance for fast and easy use with existing processing machines.

Applications Include:

Contamination Control

Contamination control products for smart card manufacturing and assembly facilities

Module Embedding

Increases quality and security for contact, dual interface and multifunctional cards.